Maudie and Art and Life

  • So I saw the movie Maudie today.  It will be released in other countries eventually such as the US, UK, France,Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan.
  • It was great because usually I’m wondering when a movie will be over even if I mostly like it but today I didn’t want to know
  • It is about an NS artist and you can see her painted house and more at the Art Gallery of Nova  Scotia in Halifax
  • Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins are great though not Nova Scotian though Hawke has a summer place here
  • The movie was shot in Newfoundland though it looks like NS-I think it is generally rockier, hillier and colder there  and very interesting to visit
  • The movie was great because it put together the basics of an excellent story-compelling characters, interesting plot and significant scenery. I just read The Quiet American.
  • Maude Lewis came from Marshalltown, NS near Digby which is famous for yummy scallops and balancing rock and whales are nearby
  • This movie has interesting life themes we all can relate to. It is doing very well and beyond initial projections

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