See a Maude Lewis painting here. 


Maudie and Art and Life

  • So I saw the movie Maudie today.  It will be released in other countries eventually such as the US, UK, France,Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan.
  • It was great because usually I’m wondering when a movie will be over even if I mostly like it but today I didn’t want to know
  • It is about an NS artist and you can see her painted house and more at the Art Gallery of Nova  Scotia in Halifax
  • Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins are great though not Nova Scotian though Hawke has a summer place here
  • The movie was shot in Newfoundland though it looks like NS-I think it is generally rockier, hillier and colder there  and very interesting to visit
  • The movie was great because it put together the basics of an excellent story-compelling characters, interesting plot and significant scenery. I just read The Quiet American.
  • Maude Lewis came from Marshalltown, NS near Digby which is famous for yummy scallops and balancing rock and whales are nearby
  • This movie has interesting life themes we all can relate to. It is doing very well and beyond initial projections

Spring in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia 

      It was yet another warm spring day and I was taking a hike with my Jamaican friend who is still experiencing her first year in Canada. 

      It was nearly 20 degrees and she had fleece lined tights, boots and a heavy hoodie. I was hot in lighter, looser lounge pants and a light cotton cardigan and breathable sneakers. 

      It has been a nice April and things are budding. We spent nearly 3 hours walking, talking and sitting on benches.   

      My friend is petrified of animals, especially dogs.  Everyone and their dog was out that day with a dog or three. In some countries dogs are not so often kept as pets. 

      She’s even afraid of chickens which no doubt roam Jamaica more than Canada. She did grab my arm when she saw a ring necked pheasant running away. I had already mentioned hear their screeching call. I said that no one had ever been hurt by a pheasant. 

      I spotted this cute carving from a distance.  My friend also climbed the tree.

      She touched the North Atlantic for the first time and said it was freezing in April. I thought it was cold. Perspective. 

      A great time was had. She really enjoyed getting out of the city though luckily it doesn’t take long here and that’s one thing people like. 

      I’ve met other newcomers here from Syria, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Colombia, Cuba, Nepal, Russia, Eritrea, China, Korea, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Germany, Britain and the list goes on. 

      At this time of year I salute new beginnings.