Check out some crazy Caesar drinks/meals. This drink is a Canadian creation though it usually comes with a stick of celery and lemon or lime.



The Ides of March

Tomorrow is the Ides of March which I have often associated with my change.   We recently had the full moon.   There are usually some fierce winds which are happening now as the final winter storm blusters in.  Already it has transitioned to rain here though central Canada and the northeastern US are getting more snow. 
Change is coming whether we want it or not and the winds of March will  bring it on.  You can make the change you want or it will be forced upon you. 

See the streetlight in the background.  There is a bag wrapped around it clinging on but it has since been blown elsewhere. 

March will bring change.  My favourite date is March Fourth (forth) which is a command and comes at just the right time. 

Spring is coming next week and if you just changed your clock you have already sprung forward. 

Old man winter is blowing cold air in a last burst of power until maiden spring comes in.