After the Third Nor’easter/ That Pre-spring Feeling 

  • For some reason there is an orange line in the sky
  • Hi.  Ah what a difference a week can make.  Last week we were awaiting the third storm in one week and now it’s evening and the window I thought I ‘d open for five minutes has been open for two hours. 

There is the sound of traffic again infiltrating my indoor space. The smell of outdoors come indoors again like line dried clothes brought in after time spent outside.  

  • Below see a sidewalk finally coming back after a week. Some snowplow operators were not home much. 

My senses are more alive like meeting a lover after a three to four month absence. I feel it all more than ever.  Like a light kiss after a prelude to more.   I know something good is coming.  

  • It’s been a few months since I stood outside for any length of time. You can hear and feel a difference in the air. You smell hope. Today I was outside after a meeting with people embracing change and as I was talking to a woman I felt the sun caress my cheek.   It was the first time in a long time I could physically feel hope. 

The sun’s angle has recently changed.  Days already feel longer. I know this is true as young men rev up their engines and  I saw two people getting ticketed today. 

Interesting stories from newcomers lately. They love it here after they get  used to the first winter.   People from the Middle East or Asia are the main ones moving here although anything is possible.  

So I didn’t get the snow pics as planned but got some of piles melted days later and saw snow transported to places where it could die like  unused golf practice areas.  

  • There are weird  snow walls on the roadside.  Like levels of something.
  • Things are melting as seen on my balcony and the next one. 

One scoop from the Chronicle Herald in Halifax is that Justin Trudeau placed Ivanka in her father ‘s chair.          

I said things looked sweet between them.  

We feel a fresh change is coming. Anything is possible.   As cold ice melts so returns the sun to its rightful position.   And snowmen eventually become nothing.   

We are in a meltdown. 

I find the balance of life among the four seasons. 


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