Nor’easter # 2 

Well Nor’easter #1 was such a hit I decided to come back with #2. 

Well the first one was just a warm up.  This is the worst weather I’ve experienced in a long while. 

I’m reminded of the Netflix series Trapped set in Iceland where the characters wander around in the same blizzard conditions except they rarely do up their coats. I feel like quite a whimp in comparison. 

Many TV shows are now seeing the value of moody weather in the mix.  Canada has some new wintry shows. The Killing featured the wet west coast and was a take on a Danish show. 

No longer is life all palm trees and sun though hot places have problems too. If you were in Australia right now you’ d be blistering in 40+ heat or running from wildfires. Everyone has something. 

That said I have been trapped inside today. Most things are shut down and transit is down. So I will only tease you with pics as I couldn’t even venture out on the balcony as the wind was so high.   This is the first time I have experienced this. 

I see a neighbour tried to dig out his car and gave up. The snow is up to the base of windshields. It’s wet and sticks to windows so that you can hardly see out.

The wind was predicted to reach over 100 kilometres/hr.  The snow looks a few feet deep.  Predictions were up to 60 cms.  It was very white today.   Visibility low. 

There were always cars on the roads but not many. OK if you slid a little. The journalists were out and surely emergency personnel. A team with army style vehicles drove people around such as a guy going for radiation treatment. 

The guys clearing things were top notch.   There was never too much snow on the roads.   I will now praise all of the above people who often only hear complaints. 

Today there were no flights out of Halifax but Prime Minister Trudeau did manage to fly out of Ottawa to meet President Trump. 

By all accounts it went better than expected. PM Trudeau even acknowledged our storm in his post meeting speech. I may be already pre-voting for him. He covers all areas of the country as he should. You are voted in for all and not just the richest. Glad he gets that. 

Oh and I liked the pics of him and Ivanka. Sweet. 

More pics of our monster storm will follow when I get outside tomorrow.   Below is in reverse order just during the early morning. 


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