Merry Christmas Boston!

A little pre-holiday cheer.  The above is a craft draft from Moxies on special on Saturday night.  This is a local- a blonde ale from Nine Locks.

After that is Saturday Night Blues on CBC radio 2 though I’m more of a jazz cat which comes after.  CBC has great apps for streaming too.

Every year Nova Scotia sends a tree in gratitude to Boston for helping Halifax during the explosion that happened nearly 100 years ago.  

This year it’s from Cape Breton.


Check This Blog 

The other night I saw Ryan Barry talk about his new book on 25 daytrips from Halifax.

He also runs Great Earth Expeditions which does tours in Nova Scotia for now but will also go abroad.

See also his blog:

There are many places that I haven’t seen nor even heard of.

He said he had a client from New Zealand who was a geologist and came here due to the similar shape which means lots of diversity.  

  • NS has lots more than I knew.
  • Both places are interesting and very relaxed I can say.

Lucky Insect /Friendly Insect

Lady bugs are supposed to be lucky.  They also like fourth floor balconies in autumn as I had many when living in Japan.  Here in Halifax, Canada I have two so far.  Here is one casting a long shadow. A sign of things to come.

  • Dragonflies are also common in the fall in both countries.  They are the friendliest.  Two of my favourite insects.  Another reason to like fall.