Chinese Lanterns

A few years ago I found some of these beauties in the winter after they had lost most their orange Halloweenish look which they have after their green start.  Asia is not really a place for Halloween and these plants fit in better in their adopted home of North America  as they look a bit like hanging pumpkins.  A bit of east meets west.  They are indigenous to Eurasia but grow here too


A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion

Chinese Lantern Festival Quote




They are part of the nightshade family which includes tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.  The pod is OK but the other parts can be poisonous.  I didn’t know this.  They can be invasive but are very interesting looking  in all of their phases I think.  I later read that people dry them indoors hanging upside down.  The seeds are used in a Japanese festival to guide the deceased.

Some use them for floral decoration and say keeping them upright will preserve them.  You can cut the vein and it will curl up in interesting ways.  Mine sure didn’t stay the same after I brought them inside.  They were very futuristic.  It seemed like something alien may come out at any time.




Some pods had a seed and some didn’t.  I wonder why.


Is this your inner soul laid bare?  Is there hope for tomorrow or are you an empty shell of your former self?  We can be reborn again into a new life within this life if needed.  Start again when required.


A dark soul.


Empty souls going nowhere.


Into the light yet still veiled from the truth.


Final testing in the dark until an eventual chance at metamorphosis in the spring.



Oysters from Malpeque, Prince Edward Island on NYE.  This is a good place for oysters but these were not as juicy and luscious as some.  Perhaps I will find better for Valentine’s Day.  Also my favourite cheese that I only get for special occasions.  Canada has some pretty good cheese.


P1040096.JPG A beautiful January sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean.  Sunsets can be nice too and also stars proliferate with extra clear skies in the winter.  The truth can be seen.






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