The Last (Very) Good Day


http://I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

It was Wednesday,  October 14th and last year the same thing happened on the 15th which was the same mid October Wednesday.  The temperature was hot and high except when clouds and wind periodically crept in.  I knew this was it until next year sometime around May or June at least when we would see 20 degrees again.  I told a young girl working in a garden that this was the last good day.  The temperatures are sometimes in the double digits but in the week since this trip they have even been in the single digits but strangely warm in the sun.  8  or even 7 degrees is the new hot except in shade or wind and people are still wearing shorts, capris and sandals with light jackets if any.  It should be cold but is still hot.

The BBC shows people in Europe with heavier jackets than I have yet to bring on.  Yes to October though some days will be cooler than you want.   Oh and on Thanksgiving on October 12th someone was swimming in the ocean.

My regular travel partner was unavailable on this day but I was not going to waste it so I went alone for the first time in a long time. I have of course been alone for trips abroad but I am not at the wheel for those and if there are vehicle problems it is not my responsibility which is nice.  Just heard Chrissy Hynde tonight saying she hated car culture and moved to London for public transport among other things.

Individuality and independence also come with a price.  If there are problems you must solve them yourself possibly alone.   The interview on the way up though was Patti Smith with a strange accent and I hadn’t liked her past book and now she was toting a new one.  Some people make a career off of others and claim it for their own.  A few American women come to mind.

Still I liked her talking about drinking coffee and being a dreamer type person.  I could relate to that aspect of being an artistic which sometimes feels like autistic compared to some in society.  Walking on a path alone and thinking of nothing and no one is my perfect day compared to some who desire to work in an office or store or wherever and chat to strangers all day.  Hello on the trail is enough for me quite often.  I like think time.

So I travelled solo but the radio talk channel was good for a change and I enjoyed the bright cherry reds, oranges, limes and lemons on the side of the road with only my own internal dialogue.  They were especially nice alongside meandering rivers.  These were hard to capture on camera as there weren’t many good stopping points.  It is worth the drive at this time of year.  The angle of the sun can change muted earth tones into sudden, fluorescent abstract art.

P1020958 P1020962

I will say that I was struck by the brightness of color this year more than any other as if I may be elsewhere next fall.  When the sun shone on them in a certain way as is apt to happen this time of year then the result was spectacular.  Brilliant in fact.  Many former green interlopers will stand out at this time of year as their true colours are revealed among the evergreens; the true greens stand tall with the changing chameleons.

P1020966 P1020974

Those are cows in the field.

P1020986 P1020990

I arrived in Kentville once again and as usual didn’t leave as early as planned.  I often don’t have time for Wolfville and other places.  The  friendly woman in the museum said it usually happened that people went to Wolfville and didn’t have time for Kentville.  Depends on the direction of your trip.

I drove by the pumpkin people who spend the month of October beside the road in Kentville but only until October 30th.  I never asked why this sudden departure but I suspect it is because they could be attacked on the night of ghouls of October  31st.

P1030127 P1030118 P1030115 P1030112

I drove past them and there was nowhere to stop or even to park it seemed until I spotted one small parking lot by a field that I had seen many times before but never stopped at.  I got out and started walking and thought I spotted Miner’s Marsh where I had walked before and I was right.  It seemed far from Kentville but in no time I was back there and after some photo ops of the pumpkin people that I would never have gotten by car I was back at the museum that last time had an exhibit on kimonos and various things Japan but now had changed to underwear of the last century plus.

P1020994 P1020996 P1020999 P1030001 P1030004

Firs I walked past the Kings Arms Pub which was featured in a past post and I saw this sign with cool advertising.  There were more pumpkin people in the theme of this year which was lego.  It was near a former hotel on the railway lines when they were big.

P1030011 P1030012 P1030016 P1030021

It was at the Kings County Museum and called  ” A ‘Brief’ History of Underwear – Exposing the Underside of History.”  It runs until December but will open again in spring.  The curator told me it is unfinished and they are still adding photos and information so it will be even better next spring.

P1030026 P1030031 P1030032P1030029

P1030033 P1030034

She said that often people propose ideas to her and they have collections to share.  In fact the woman with all of the Japanese mementos has some underwear here as well.  I call this North America’s answer to the niqab as you will see how women were reigned in by underwear.  Clothing is the way to keep women under control I see.

P1030036 P1030040 P1030042 P1030044

Even today I had a woman ask me for spanx  or a modern day corset (supposedly there is a new one to suck in your waist) or similar but on the other hand many have let their bodies get way out of control.  Some can barely walk straight.  They have bought into whatever the main marketers are selling.  They just want you to become less and less or more and more.  They don’t care about you.  Care about yourself.  Don’t let your body or life be determined elsewhere whether by bustle, corset, spanx, Big Mac or Whopper or any social or religious influences. Be balanced, be healthy.  Think for yourself.

Everything you wanted to know about stockings or the brassiere but were afraid to ask.



I quite liked this display and no you don’t have to go to a big museum in NYC or  elsewhere to see cool exhibits I say.  You never know.  We tend to judge things by big brands or big cities but this doesn’t always work.  Bigger isn’t always bigger.  Nor is smaller.

P1030056 P1030058

It was informative and well done and I took tons of pictures and had a great chat with the woman working there.  She said that people often came to her with ideas and told her of things they had collected such as mustache mugs.  I asked what she meant and she said they had a ceramic band across the top that would keep the mustache from getting wet.  I wonder what they do these days.

P1030062 P1030064 P1030095

After the museum I continued my walk with the pumpkin people back towards my car but on the main road rather on the trail I had started on.  As I admired the great old houses that mostly turned out to be inns (because what can you do with a big house these days?) I found chestnuts and acorns on the sidewalks that I put into my purse.    Those are exactly what you would expect in a small town.  I hardly ever find these in my bigger city of Halifax.  Especially chestnuts that should probably be roasted somewhere.    They were just cracked open and laying there.   The walk turned out to be just great for getting a feel for the place and taking photos.  I spoke to a woman who told me her husband and sons had made their pumpkin people display as I took pictures and she cleaned up the hay.

P1030105 P1030103 P1030101 P1030098

There were so many pumpkin people to take pictures of.

P1030107  P1030132

There were so many of them as I passed a cemetery on one side and a field on the other.

P1030140 P1030138 P1030136 P1030130

And there were so many more.

P1030180 P1030175


P1030142 P1030144 P1030146 P1030148

I was starving by the time I got back to my car after these stops so I took out my lunch to the picnic table that just happened to be in front of my car and enjoyed my ham sandwich and mini babybel cheese plus apple and nuts and baby carrots.  With the view and after the long walk it was great.

P1030216 P1030217

October is a great month in the valley because of course you can buy pears, apples, pumpkins, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, onions even corn though I have never tasted October corn.

Happy Halloween!