Uncommon Common Art 2015 – Part Two

So my tour and treasure hunt for art continued.  After lunch at the Port Bistro Pub in Port Williams and here is another meal had there which is the soup and salad of the day with some parsnip crispers on top.P1020733

Then it was on to the next location which was near Noggins Corner where we always go for fresh produce and perhaps baked goods or more even though it seems a bit pricey.  I have done the corn maze before but not in recent years as I felt trapped in it the last time with little help.  Half of it depends on finding the map inside and memorizing it.  I usually found most but one clue.  I may try again this year or next.   This time I was bypassing the cornfield and U-picks for a trail I didn’t even know they had in back. P1020738 P1020739 P1020741P1020734

I got a map at  the produce place but I  was looking for the Uncommon Common Art.   One woman wasn’t sure if it was still there but gave me difficult details to get there. P1020750 P1020751 P1020752 P1020753

Some of it was there and there was some new stuff as promised and surprise  pictures.  Again I was mesmerized by discovering yet again an area I didn’t know was there and it felt so empty and mystical.  Like a fairy tale come true as I wondered through it.  It had a slightly eerie feeling as there was the sound of creaking trees.   Maybe it was pines as I heard as song about that tonight but it added a strange element.   As if I was the first person to come through it until once again there was an area with noisy trucks and digging as I had found down the road a few months ago.  That is when I turned around.  It is only so long until your paradise will be overtaken with the industry of man and then you must run back to where you came from and start again.  Peace and happiness are hard to find for any length of time.   P1020755 P1020756 P1020760 P1020761

I think I found some animal homes above.

P1020762 P1020765 P1020767 P1020772

Further I wandered into the depths expecting fairies or elves.  I found more birds on trees and a surprise sweet heart that delighted my soul.  And then it was time to go back to reality and cross the bridge, back through the corn field and pumpkin patch and on to the next art installment located on a residential street in Wolfville.

P1020785 P1020788 P1020794 P1020795 P1020796

And there was more that I saw that day and more that I hope to see before it is over even though I don’t have much time in the next few  weeks.  There are many more interesting looking  art displays in cool locations.  I also want to get more yummy valley veggies and fruit.  The temperature is just about right there at this time.


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