Uncommon Common Art 2015 – Part One

http://artofnature.ca  See this website for nature paintings.  Art and and nature are the best combination.

I read that this wonderful display of art is in its eighth year.  Can that be true?  I live in Nova Scotia and visit the Annapolis valley regularly.  It is like a spiritual touchstone or mystical encounter with nature.  I have done the corn maze and should do it again.  I have looked over vistas and pondered coasts that amaze me in their beauty.  I have interacted with the low key, friendly natives and sweltered at times in the summer heat trying to relive times spent in Southeast Asia kinda.  Although at every turn I mostly had the place to myself or maybe there were a few people there and I complained under my breath.   “How dare two people invade my space on this lovely summer or fall day.”  I know we are so spoiled here.

So I had read about this display of art and finally got a chance to come up again as I had been spending recent weeks on the South Shore in beach country.  It was about 26 or so on this day and above average but September can throw up heat or hurricanes from the warmed up  Atlantic.

Upcoming is a taste of the things I saw on this day.  There are other displays I want to visit in the future.  I had a lobster poutine at the Port Bistro Pub that wasn’t as good as remembered.  Heard complaints about seafood  while there  but they also over browned it and added something I didn’t like.  I added salt and pepper.   I had a blueberry lemonade that was nice on this hot day.


We got veggies at Noggins Corner and the new potatoes are the highlight so far.  Real food-yum.

I had coffee and a scone at Central Cafe in Kentville which was nice and led to the first two places on the trail of Uncommon common Art I picked up my pamphlet at the Kentville  Visitor Information Centre .  I started at the lovely Miners’ Marsh which doesn’t have much shade on a sunny day.



It was fun trying to find them and I asked people sometimes to be sure so it led to nice interactions.  It was like a treasure hunt and art search and nature hike and I learned things about local businesses I still didn’t know.  I didn’t feel exploited as prices were fair to cheap.    All around it was a cool experience .  I felt I was given more than I took.  That tends to happen in the sweet valley of Nova Scotia and I come away with my faith in humanity revived.

P1020719P1020714 P1020721 P1020722P1020715P1020716P1020725P1020726P1020727P1020728P1020729P1020730

These were were at the Concrete Museum in Centreville.   On this hunt I was led to places I still didn’t know about and that was great.  The Concrete  Museum was not open when I was there but looking inside I saw a very old stove.   You could pull wires to make these birds move.  Their wings would flutter or they would scoop down for a drink.  I found my first and only (so far) geocache in this area though they are supposed to be all over.  There were many earwigs inside of it.

After this I took a cool back road to Port Williams to eat  the above mentioned poutine  with another long wait.   The same thing happened in Lunenburg lately.  We seem to be unlucky that way lately.

There were nice farmland vistas.  It is so relaxing and nice to be around food sources though some say we should grow more of our own and I tend to agree.  Be as self-sufficient as possible.  Local and fresh is noticeably better.  We have some wonderful produce here and I love this time of year.  This post will continue.


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