Cape Chignecto Trip Report – June 2015

The joys of the Nova Scotia coastline.

Misadventures In The Wild

Backpacking June 6-9, 2015, 3 nights, 53.8km

This trip was our “warmup for the Whites”.  We had a few days free before heading to New Hampshire for some hiking in the White Mountains and wanted to try out a few new gear setups and get a few hills under our belt before the big trip. Cape Chignecto Provincial Park is primarily a wilderness park located near Advocate Harbour, NS, with a trail circuit that includes dozens of kilometers of coastline along the Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy is considered one of Canada’s National Wonders, with the highest tides in the world and spectacular shoreline views of both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The trails in the park are quite hilly (for Nova Scotia), with trails rising up and down from water crossings at sea level to the tops of cliffs 180m over the ocean. With seven campsites…

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